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The emergence and activisation of Centre for Action Research and Training (CART) in the early years of the decade, happily coincided with such new orientations and increased trust on development activities informed by social welfare objectives. Such a linkage upper most in national and regional agenda was recognised as an essential element in success plans for growth. CART's philosophy is woven around this linkage of social objective with development, with community involvement at all stages. The vision and concerns of CART centre mainly around a close identity with the rural poor and tribal sections and to place on its agenda directing efforts in the mainstream of development with social justice.

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 This is sought to be accomplished primarily through carefully designed programmes of social interventions. Correctional adjustment in development process would need to be addressed to issues as better utilisation and management of available resources, up gradation of human resources specially the weaker persons like women. Imparting motivation for change, training in vocation and capacity building, promotion of self-reliant ventures are a few such expressions of CART's concerns. 

The State of Orissa continuing in backwardness and underdevelopment with concentration of weaker sections in many areas, offer challenging opportunities for effective social interventions. Many areas of concern exist in the State to undertake action programmes for creating avenues for sustainable development of society with clear option for the poor and oppressed. CART as the acronym denotes follows a three-pronged approach in all its activities covering action with research and training. It is a registered non-profit body of professionals with a commitment to meet the needs adequately of activities arising from its objectives. Since its inception the centre has consistently strive to give concrete expression to the organisation's basic concerns and vision. To contextualise these concerns a portfolio of community services adaptable to local needs and conditions had been developed.          




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