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Training is another important activity of CART which has been integrated into its Action Programmes and also into its organisational setup for staff development. The various training programmes conducted could be classified under three major categories viz. training for -

(a)  Project Beneficiaries or Target Populations

(b)  Project Functionaries

(c)  Grassroots Organisations & Change Agents

  The vision & concern
  Cart's operational area
  Research & documentation
  Collaborating agencies
  Resource panel

Major Training programmes undertaken are:

1. Geriatric Care Certificate Course

Target Population : 30 Students each batch.

Duration : 6 months. 

This course started first time in Orissa and main objective of the course is to develop a cadre of dedicated Geriatric Care for the welfare of the older persons. The Training Contents cover the syllabus designed by NISD, Govt. of India. The six months course is divided into four papers like: 

Social Gerontology.

Basic Geriatrics.

Applied Geriatrics.

Geriatric Nursing.

The training methods followed are class room teaching, practical, field work and placement. Each batch 30 students are admitted through a Common Admission Test.

2. Vocational Training

Target Population  :    Rural & Tribal Families.                        

Duration  :    On Going Activity.

Main topics covered :

Skill training on tailoring, garment making & embroidery, appliqué making, bamboo making, food processing & preservation, driving, vehicle repairs, welding & fabrication, etc. 

Forward and backward marketing linkages. 

Follow-up and Refresher Training.




3. Training on Agriculture and allied activities 

Target Population  :    Small & Marginal Farmers                       

Duration  :  On Going Activity. 

Main topics are :

Farmers training 

Integrated Land Based Programme 

Waste land & Dry land farming 

Watershed Management 

Diversification of Agriculture 

Soil and Pest Management 

Processing & Marketing of agricultural produce 

Packaging of agriculture & minor forest products 

Food Processing & Preservation 

Pisciculture, Bee-keeping & honey production, mushroom cultivation, etc.




4. Common Property Resources Management: 

Target Population : All stakeholders. 

Duration :  On going activity. 

Main contents are :

Identification of common resources. 

Productive use of common property. 

Operation & Maintenance of common assts.

Sharing of products and creation of accessibility to all sections.



5. Staff Development Training

Target Population  :    NGOs.                                   

Duration  :     On Going. 

Main topics covered :

Training on project goals and objectives, responsibilities and targets

Development of Leadership & Communication Skills   

  Participatory Methods in Development.         

Research Methodology & Preparation of Databases

Micro Level Planning through participatory methods (POPP & PRA)

Management of Information Systems

Computer Applications in Research, Planning,    Scheduling and Monitoring of Project Tasks





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