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With a commitment to sustainable development CART’s aims and priorities emerged to work with rural and tribal communities, which are vulnerable to underdevelopment. Further, a growing realisation of the need for a comprehensive process of development, the core areas of significance which is the driving force in the coining of the key objectives of CART are issues addressing Women’s Development, Sustainable Agriculture and the Forest Sector.

Women’s Development

The emergence of a literate and economically self-reliant woman in the household invariably results in better child care and development, health and sanitation and reduces the effect of social vices on the family in particular and society in general.

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Sustainable Agriculture

One of the basic causes of the rapid growth of urban population and increase in socio-economic problems in rural as well as urban areas, is a lack of regular employment opportunities in rural areas. More than 80% of Orissa’s population is dependent on agriculture for survival. Hence, a system of sustainable income generation through agriculture is vital.

Forest Sector

Urbanisation, industrialisation and other such benefits of our civilisation have made a disastrous impact on the forest cover as well as on the communities linked to the forest. More than 40% of Orissa’s population comprises of Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste, with 62 distinct tribes. Over the years, these tribals have evolved a symbiotic relationship with their environment - the forest. Therefore, any social or developmental intervention has to take into account the mutual dependency between the tribal population and the forest.


 Keeping in view the above goals, CART has developed the following objectives:

To develop initiatives for women’s empowerment and promote gender sensitisation.

To adequately address both macro and micro issues relating to agriculture and forestry.

To motivate and train local youth / grass root workers as cause and consumer of social change and progress.

To evolve appropriate strategies / programmes for intervention through Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) techniques and action based research.

To create and extend networking and linkages with individuals, groups and organisations, both area-wise and issue based.

To provide preventive, rehabilitative and relief services addressing special social problems.

Transfer and popularise new and tested technology in agriculture and allied sector.


 To promote entrepreneurship and skill development, especially among women.

  To form and establish thrift & credit (self help) groups and create avenues for micro-credit.

To transfer and popularise technology in agriculture and allied sectors among rural and tribal masses.

  To act as a catalyst in promoting bio-diversity and management of natural resources.

To initiate Health and Education Programme especially for women, children and weaker sections.                                       




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