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Developmental growth has in the past brought in its trail urbanisation, distortions in resource utilisation & distribution aggravating income and wealth disparities, besides, disastrous ecological consequences.

Experience of development process as hitherto evidenced has revealed in sharp focus the need for corrective steps to retard social distress and social injustice. Any development programme which does not implicitly recognise the above limitations would only further aggravate the situation that is already causing concern in most developing societies.  

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Another aspect of development experience is the prevailing system of imposing planning and development activities from above, often unrelated to local resources, needs and capacities. Although attempts have been made from time to time to decentralise the planning process, these have largely remained on exercises in pious wishes. The concept of building from below has now largely remained dormant. With the establishment of Panchayat Raj and greater development of power, the goal of arming communities at local level with greater ability to plan and develop resources in desired directions is increasingly becoming a reality. In the present context, development is acknowledged as a process through which communities are required to face problems and direct efforts towards overcoming them. Poverty is an important component and that co-operation of the poor and under privileged for sustainable development is a crucial element in the developmental process.




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